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A Responsive, Relevant & Quality Education For All Gambians

The Mission Statement of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) in The Gambia is embodied in the statement "A Responsive, Relevant and Quality Education for All Gambians".   MoBSE is resolved to provide access to quality education to develop a computer literate and technologically competent populace with renewed emphasis on Science, Technology, Agriculture and the Arts in developing a productive and capable human resource base for the new millennium.  


All Subjects

We strive to deliver content of all subjects to every child in The Gamba.


Students can enroll to their respective subjects based on level.

Lessons & Quizzes

We deliver lessons and quizzes for every subject based on the school curriculum.

Our Testimonials

“The eLearning platform has helped me have extra content for my studies. I can read and watch videos from the comfort my room”
Isatou Njie
Grade 11 Student
“I use more of my phone today to read and watch videos of my lessons. It's easy to use and the content is relevant for my studies.”
Lamin Hydara
Grade 12 Student